CN&CO is a lifestyle brand, marketing and digital business, and it was because of our work What’s app group discussion this morning that prompted me to share a few book recommendations from the team. Being a pretty epic, crazy, and diverse bunch, I am confident you will find an enjoyable title below. Please comment and share your recommendations on the post. 

The conversation started with images of stats courtesy of – shared by Gianluca who received the post from the MD of one of our clients, Michael Stamatiadis (at Bearings 2000). The visual stats and comparisons were based on data from the (GWI ) Global Web Index on “How COVID-19 has impacted media consumption by generation“.

Some of us in the team are more avid readers than others, but the stats startled many of us when it came to Book/Literature consumption. This prompted teammate, company CFO and Crossfit Bunny, Rob, to ask for book suggestions from those of us who have managed to squeeze in some reading time. My book suggestions were Deon Meyer, (I am really enjoying his books and currently reading, “The Woman In The Blue Cloak”). Another book I couldn’t put down was “Snowing In Bali” by Kathryn Bonella. A fascinating and riveting tale of the drug underworld in Bali, one of my favorite travel destinations.

Below are all of the suggestions: Now, before you crucify me for teasing you about all these great books and not being able to go out and buy them because of the lockdown, fear not – Most are available for purchase as an e-book or audiobook online. Just google “title + ebook”.


Brand strategist and Supermom extraordinaire suggested a book by David Goggins, entitled “Can’t hurt me.” Josie says, ” It is an insane and inspiring book about an overweight oke who becomes a Navy Seal.” Josie also mentioned that there is an audiobook available. I will be adding this to my list.


When our CrossFit bunny takes some downtime, this, only after making magic with Dragon Risk, baking cute cookies (yes, we see those Insta stories your girlfriend posts) or keeping our CN&CO finances in check. He also has taken some time out to read, and has some kiff  suggestions:

  • “When My Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi (Neurosurgeons account of his life when he is diagnosed with cancer. Short, poignant and punchy)”
  • “Mathematics of Life and Death by Kit Yates (Don’t let the title throw you, it’s an easy read and highlights the maths you encounter in everyday life, particularly relevant when dealing with statistics).”
  • “The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek (Of TedX talk fame about your why).”
  • “Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman”


Our football and travel fanatic currently based in London said she enjoyed Kevin Hart’s biography ” I can’t make this up” and “Their eyes were watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston. Kevin is hilarious, so I will definitely check this out.


The Chief Senor who has been pumping with the last few months and who is one of the more avid readers in the team has been reading “Blydskap” by Johannes Bertus de Villiers (a varsity mate of Carel). “It is fun, funny, smart book about being present and finding/giving joy.” Others include Deon Meyer (both Afrik and English versions), daily newspapers, the weekly Economist, and Financial Times. Carel is also rereading his honours African Literature books – from Novelists Ngugi Wa Thiong’o; Chinua Achebe; Bessie Head who are still firm favorites of Carels.


Our Italian Stallion says he is enjoying “Unf*ck Yourself” by Gary John Bishop. A book about accepting reality as it is and much more.


Our chief editor, word nerd, and the best copywriter in town is also a giant book fan. Colin is also part of a book club (yes, a real one) called “The Thursday Next” book club. The current flavours of the month are: “A Gentleman in Moscow” by Amore Towles, “Machines Like Me” by Ian McEwan and “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine” by Gail Honeyman. Make sure you touch base with Colin about how their book club’s name came about, and if you ever need a professional copywriter of course.


Digital and data nerd and gymnast enthusiast has suggested three books. “Range” by David Epstein, “Loonshots” by Safi Bahcall, and “The Four” by Scott Galloway. Give them a google and check them out.


CN&CO’s head explorer and adventurer (who is most likely camping in his garden during lockdown) says “Long walk to freedom” by Nelson Mandela has been a great read, “It adds perspective and has been super relevant while in isolation.”

What are your top picks? Let’s increase the book and literacy consumption stats, read more and please share your favorites with us. Stay safe during this #lockdown, keep your mind busy and your body active.

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