Taye Perry is the first South African woman to be selected to ride in the Dakar Rally. She has been accepted to ride in the next instalment of the world’s second-largest rally, which runs from 5 to 17 January 2020 in Saudi Arabia.

We came to know of Taye’s achievement through our association with Shredbettys, an action sport organisation that caters specifically for women. EasyEquities is also an ardent supporter of the organisation.

“ShredBetty Events gives sportswomen the chance to connect, to learn, and be showcased at exciting board and lifestyle events for Moto X, Enduro, snowboarding, sand-boarding, surfing, wake-boarding, flow-boarding, mountain-biking and BMX, among other sports,” says ShredBettys co-founder, Nicole Salt. “We’re extremely proud that Taye has been selected as the first South African woman to ride in the Dakar Rally.”

Taye has been racing professionally for over a decade in South Africa, and has won multiple MSA off-road and cross-country titles.

“Being the leading off-road motorcycle female for numerous years, the next natural step is to seek out international competition,” she says. “I am focused on the horizon and on competing in bigger events. I want to be part of the new generation Dakar in Saudi Arabia.

“Dakar will be the ultimate achievement, where I won’t just fight to finish, but to compete. I’ve worked hard to get to this point and I feel I am ready to conquer it and in time prove myself among the best the world has to offer.”

Getting to Dakar is an expensive exercise, with the total cost running to more than R2-million. Taye is relying extensively on sponsors to fund her participation.

“There are great opportunities for sponsors to come on board and get some incredible brand exposure before, during and after the event,” she says.

Her team has worked out a partnership and sponsor value proposition which is contained in this document. Check it out and see if there’s anywhere you or your business can make a contribution.

There’s also a fundraiser ride taking place at Rhino Park in Pretoria on 19 October. The cost of entry is R200, half of which will be refunded into your EasyEquities account. See details below:

You can buy your tickets on the Shredbettys website.

Let’s get behind a world-class South African athlete who is certain to make us proud at the 2020 Dakar Rally!