The CN&CO blog features diverse stories, blogs, articles, and videos. There are a few established series that we feature on a regular basis, one of these is the Ink Link series.

The Ink Link is an ongoing project at CN&CO that showcases tattoos in the workplace. One of the great things about a tattoo is it goes against the commonly-held viewpoint that “what you see is what you get”. There’s a misguided belief in certain quarters that in order to be a working professional, it is categorically impossible to have a tattoo… because how can someone with a tattoo be a professional? We would love to hear your views/storry though, so please get in touch with one of the team if you would like us to showcase your story.

Through the stories that we share in the Ink Link series, we are putting paid to that perception that having a tattoo doesn’t allow you to be seen as ‘professional’. After all who defines what is professional and what is not?

Check out the Ink Link series here.

A few of the CN&CO team have tattoos of their own and we enjoy hearing different stories from people in our network about their tattoos. We also enjoy reading different views on tattoos and recently came across two interesting articles which we thought we would share with you as they contribute to the diversity of the Ink link series.

Enjoy the read!

The first one is title, A Tattoo Won’t Hurt Your Job Prospects and was featured in the Harvard business review.

The second is titled, Tattoos Were Once for Rebels. Is Popularity Killing the Art?