It was a month of handlebars, lightning bolts and all round interesting facial hair for CN&CO this past Movember. While we all marvelled at our facial hair creations, it is safe to say that we definitely received some strange looks during the 30 days that our moustaches were proudly on display. The reason behind the ‘stache effort is summarised below:


Rob’s final mo

By donating to Movember you have joined a global movement that has raised R5.7 billion and funded over 1,000 programmes since 2003. These funds are working to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health.

We’ve come a long way, but we’ve still got a long way to go. Too many men don’t talk, don’t take action and as a result, die too young. We want to change this and build a better future for the next generation.

Together, we’re achieving real outcomes for men and boys. Without you, this wouldn’t be possible.

On behalf of everyone at Movember, thank you.

Adam Garone
CEO & co-founder, The Movember Foundation


Colin’s “glitter mo”

And that is why we participated in Movember this year, along with the Purple Mo’s and Movember East London (who absolutely smashed it – well done!). You can choose to grow amusing facial hair; you can’t choose if you get cancer or not.

Raising awareness and funds for causes is always on our minds somewhere at CN&CO. Events like Movember, The Daredevil Run (which some of the team pioneered years ago) and the announced-but-yet-to-be-showcased InkLink Project will always feature a strong charitable element. When the InkLink kicks off properly in the new year with Kurt Solomon, Paul Hughes and Susannah Knowles leading the way, the charity aspect will also be introduced.

Until then, if you ever find yourself faced with a dilemma, look at the title of this post and the picture on the right.

Even though Movember is technically over, you can still make a donation to Rob, Colin, Purple Mo’s or Movember East London.