Every so often you hear a story that truly touches your heart and makes you pause and reflect on what is really important in life. Often times we are so busy wrapped up in our everyday lives that we forget or perhaps not even think that some people have it worse but they still manage to have a smile on their faces. One particular person is this little angel named Grace Rae Fourie Philbin. CN&CO is involved in a plethora of initiatives across multiple industries and when we came across Gracie’s courageous story, we had to get involved.

Gracie is an amazing three year-old warrior from Cape Town who’s battling Stage 4 cancer (medulloblastoma). Like all girls her age, Gracie loves dolls. However,  rather than Barbie, her dolls are superheroes. She is particularly fond of Spiderman. Her story caught the attention of comedian Siv Ngesi who took it upon himself to cheer Gracie up by fundraising to get her to Disneyland in Paris – which has always been her dream.

Together with the good Samaritans at Capago, Air Fr.ance, Urban Espresso and Reach for a Dream, CN&CO and EasyEquities have pledged to provide financial assistance to help Gracie realise her dream!.

“One of our partners, Gabbi Rego of Urban Espresso, sent us a link to Siv Ngesi’s video, in which he makes a plea for donations to help Grace get to Euro Disney,” says CN&CO’s Carel Nolte. “After watching it and seeing how a group of companies has come together to raise funds or sponsor elements of the trip, we immediately agreed to assist. Together with EasyEquities, we pledged the money needed for the airfare for one of her family members.”

As the saying goes, “not all superheroes wear capes”. We have seen many heroes stepping up to the plate to help Grace. But even though the travel costs are all taken care of, there is still a need for funds to help the family with a bit of spending money while they are away.

The family will be leaving on 4 September and returning 10 days later, in time for the next round of Gracie’s chemotherapy.

“Cancer is a terrible sickness,” says Carel. “It breaks our hearts to hear the story of such a young girl in the end stages of the disease.”

Donations can be paid directly into Gracie’s own bank account:

Grace Rae Fourie Philbin

GRF Philbin


Savings Account Number 9302600272

Branch code 632005

“If you’re unsure, watch the video below. It will make you realise what it takes to be a superhero,” says Carel. “In this instance, a few rand is all it takes.”

Keep an eye on CN&CO’s social media channels to track Gracie’s trip:

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