Meeting the team and unpacking the brand behind the motto “by cyclists for cyclists”!

The team at Sundays Insurance has a real love for everything that involves a bicycle. When you combine this with their product offering and service it sets them apart from pack…they may even love your new bicycle as much as you when you take out a policy with them. As a team they value each of their clients and will do their utmost to turn around your claim ASAP so that you can be up and riding your bicycle again in no time.

The founders of this global cyclist insurance team took the meaning of “by cyclists for cyclists” to heart.  They love to ride their bikes and could not find insurance in the market that covered their needs adequately…this is one of the main reasons as to why they started Sundays Insurance.

At Sundays, they cater for all cyclists, whether you are a weekend warrior, gravel grinder, Mountain bike racing snake or a lycra bandit of the Road bike… they will have a solution in their offering that suits your needs.

Sundays Insurance team

The Sundays Insurance team really do love spending time riding their bicycles. This photograph was taken at one of their team meetings earlier this year.

Cyclist insurance is different from just insuring your bicycle as a stand-alone item on your house hold policy, where your insurer would pay you out should something happen to your bicycle (it gets stolen, or the frame cracks and is not covered by the warranty). Cyclist insurance covers you as a cyclist, offering you far more protection/cover and peace of mind knowing you are covered for all things cycling related.

At the end of the day all you have to worry about is getting outdoors and riding your bike! If you want a full break down of some of the differences, you can find them on the website here.

At CN&CO we enjoy working with people who are passionate about what they do and provide extra value to their clients. It’s great to work with the Sundays Insurance team who are a global brand! Their offerings isn’t available in South Africa, but is available if you are in the UK, USA or Australia.