Sterling EQ has changed the face of instrumental music in South Africa and beyond with its extraordinary fusion of virtuosity and fresh beats. The trio is led by celebrated flute virtuoso Carina Bruwer, who is also widely known for her marathon swimming feats. She is joined by the dynamic Ariella Caira enchanting on the electric cello, and on electric violin, ace performer and composer Luca Hart, whose Grappelli-inspired improvisations have audiences in awe.

The trio has performed at more than 1 000 live events in 13 countries since 2008.

Their latest music video is an instrumental rendition of Weeping (Dan Heymann), featuring Muzukidz. This production of Weeping is close to the band’s hearts, as it shares a South African story of hope, sacrifice and opportunity. The video features a group of kids from the townships learning to play the violin. It is a modest but deeply meaningful project.

Watch the official music video here: