On Thursday, 23 February, we were invited by our clients, Kong restaurant at Cedar Square for an evening of delight at ‘Johnny’s table’. Johnny Beardsley-Nel is the restaurant manager at Kong who puts together a monthly private dining experience that boasts inspired cuisine and the finest selection of wines.

The purpose of the evening began out of Johnny’s desire to share his passion and love for food and wine with his guests and to interact with them on a personal level. Johnny says, “food and wine has been the cement that has built many amazing relationships!”.

Every month, the event takes on a new look and feel that is inspired by a theme or concept that is chosen by Johnny. He and his chef then create a signature menu for the evening that is designed to showcase the rich flavours of Asian cuisine accompanied by innovative flavours that add a customized spin on traditional Asian delicacies. A private dining area ensures that the evening is intimate and personal.

February’s dinner was themed in hues of red to represent the month of Valentine’s Day and the fire rooster – Year 2017 in the Chinese Calendar. The menu boasted a few exceptional one-of-a-kind dishes, to name a few:

  • Cabbage spring roles  made with prawns, carrot and corriander accompanied by a sweet ginger and tamarind sauce
  • Prawn fruit and cashew nut stir fry – rambutan, apples, strawberry and grapes stir fried with prawns
  • Ginger beef roulade – fillet, carrot, ginger, mushroom and basil served over a bed of steamed spinach
  • Crunchy banana and strawberry spring rolls, drizzled with chocolate and crisped to perfection

A lot of thought and effort went into putting this evening together by Johnny and his team.

Next time your are in the Cedar area, be sure to visit Kong for a taste of the finest Asian cuisine.