I am often reminded that a big part of a lifestyle business, like CN&CO, is putting the “life” into the “business”. For me that means everyone at CN&CO using their networks to influence our company and to make 1+1= (at least) 22! I increasingly realize the importance of “being open”, “sharing” and putting yourself in situations (with people) you would normally not do. And taking the time (yep, I know – who has time for chats these days?!) to bridge the gaps of geography and history to stay in touch with mates.

In line with staying in touch, a few months back I found myself – alongside Vaughan Jones – my mate, fellow old Stithian and CEO of one of CN&CO’s clients, Fulcrum – hosting a bunch of Michaelhouse guys for an (expensive thanks to their Midlands appetite) lunch at Bellinis. The reason? Well, we lost a bet about rugby (as one does!)

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the lunch (Richard Davies, the main instigator, talks a lot of &*%# even when not boozed after all), but saying that, as one of SA’s top entrepreneurs and founder of Vendange, I have a lot of respect for him! Plus, his folks produce Morena – which is my favourite sparkling wine #justsaying.

Despite my apprehension, the lunch was fun, funny and useful. Partly because I “met” Matt Fendick. We had been at Justin and Trudi’s wedding together over 10 years ago, have loads of mutual mates, but we have never really connected. At the Bellini lunch we had a few drinks and I was blown away by what he is doing. There are few things that give me as much pleasure as hearing about entrepreneurs – especially in SA. And especially if I – or CN&CO – can help (one of our business arms focuses solely on assisting entrepreneurs and we have a few, often black and women but not exclusively) partnerships of which I am most proud.

And so, I am delighted to share the (rather formal) announcement that Matt has prepared. Here’s to a wonderful relationship and ongoing expanding networks, making a positive difference and being open to anything and everyone! Matt’s immediate focus is on FEDA and on various CN&CO client initiatives, an ultra-marathon and duathlon (I hate cycling!) opportunity, various St Stithians opportunities, Pablo Clark Racing, the team Power Trust and a few other surprises for our clients. #exciting

Matt Fendick, Founder of the sponsorshop, is delighted to announce the strategic partnership agreed with CN&CO, effective from 1 August 2017.

Bringing an outsourced specialist sponsorship service to the CN&CO table, the sponsorshop will focus on creating and evolving value propositions for CN&CO clients, on-boarding brand partners who are looking for unique engagement platforms, as well as relationship management across a series of sports, entertainment & lifestyle properties.

“Carel & his team are such dynamic individuals and exist on beliefs & principles which we  fundamentally share. We look forward to adding value to CN&CO & its respective clients, and are beyond excited about partnering with such a progressive organisation”.

The sponsorshop is a free-to-access digital ecosystem which connects sponsors with the individuals, events, organisations and agencies that will potentially deliver on their specific mutual objectives most effectively.

On February 28th 2017, a year after launching, the sponsorshop was selected by the HYPE Foundation as one of the Top 50 most innovative start-ups in the global sports industry. 

The online service streamlines the sponsorship process and minimizes administrative hurdles for all parties involved by applying filters to search results and offering automated recommendations on which opportunities are best suited to a sponsors’ specified requirements.

Further, the platform is open to proposals from any sector that require sponsorship or fundraising, with a number of diverse and interesting sponsorship seekers already signed up. Among these are leading local athletes & sports federations, CSI initiatives, classic, traditional & contemporary music events, as well as other lifestyle focused events.

For more information on the sponsorshop, visit the official website or email info@thesponsorshop.co.za.