A bottle of wine is often seen as a “cop-out” gift – something you buy for someone because you’ve run out of ideas. Or perhaps you feel pressured to get someone a gift because it’s expected so you “just get them a bottle of wine.” However, according to Derek Kilpin of Great Domaines, a carefully chosen bottle (or more) of wine can really hit the right note when it comes to gifting.

“A gift of wine remains one of the best ways to treat someone,” he says. “The key is to get exactly the right bottle that lets the recipient know you have given some thought to their gift.”

And although we’re about to hit the season of gift-giving frenzy (the perfect time to source that perfect bottle of wine), a well-considered bottle or two can be given at any time of year.

“Wine is part of our culture,” explains CNC&CO’s Carel Nolte. “We understand and appreciate the concept of ‘that perfect bottle’ as a gift, be it for a special occasion, a general thank-you or just for sommer.”

Derek and the Great Domaines team are well known to CN&CO and many people in our networks. They have been sourcing outstanding wine from around the world – including South Africa – since the turn of the century. This means they’re able help to choose the perfect bottle, either for your own consumption or as a gift for a special client, friend or family member.

“For the connoisseur we might suggest an unusual French, Italian or Spanish wine – something they may not have tried before,” says Derek. “For those who love luxury, we stock some of the world’s best vintage and non-vintage champagnes, as well as an extensive range of cognacs. And if you want to make a big impression, there’s always the option of a larger bottle such as a magnum, or even a jeroboam.”

If you’re looking for a local wine – “something quirky,” says Derek – Great Domaines has a network of genius South African winemakers, including Pieter Walser, Duncan Savage and, if you are lucky enough to get stock, the Swartland gentle giant, Donavan Rall.

Great Domaines also stocks a range of gift sets, openers, books, cork needles, screw caps and a bunch of other wine-related paraphernalia for the avid wine drinker.

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