Part of being a lifestyle business is that we can get to interact with movers and shakers of different industries; people whose mission it is to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. Bizcre8 (a subdivision of Sophiatown The Mix) aims to develop aspiring young entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35, who are dreaming of being the next big game changers and ready to activate their own sustainable businesses. Bizcre8 specialises in business ideation, helping entrepreneurs develop and refine their business concepts to develop sustainable business ventures. A very important initiative, particularly because there is no shortage of business ideas, resources to ensure execution however, are very scarce and limited.

Just in time as we are celebrating the centenary of the great O.R Tambo, “Breaking the divide” is an event by Bizcre8 taking place on 17 November, 2017. The upcoming event is aimed at bridging the gap between urban entrepreneurs and township entrepreneurs. Bizcre8 is on a mission to not only ameliorate economic disparity but also integrate township entrepreneurs and urban entrepreneurs, a cause Ubab’Tambo would have been proud of. Where better to do this than in the iconic Sophiatown?

The event will boast a  five speaker panel of business and thought leaders who will discuss how to drive cross-collaboration between Township and “Mainstream” entrepreneurs, how township enterprises can transfer their core competencies into the mainstream environments and flourish as well ideas around turn “Mainstream” tapping into the township ecosystem to ensure survival and growth.

This event presents a lot of opportunities for any entrepreneur and business enthusiast. Our awesome partner Easy Equities, pioneer in affordable investment will have vouchers up for grabs at the event to help you start your investment journey. There is a lot to be gained at this event, so join us on 17 November.

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