While the official name for the new console has not been announced, PlayStation lovers will be excited at the new features. One of the most impressive is the loading speed which is nearly 10 times faster than the PS4 pro.

According to mybroadband.co.za “The first bit of good news is that the console will be backward-compatible and users can play PlayStation 4 games on the unit. It will also be compatible with the PlayStation VR. Additionally, the next-generation console will support physical game discs. Sony added that the PlayStation 4 will remain the “engine of engagement of profitability” for the next three years, while it is speculated that the PlayStation 5 may launch in 2020.”

Click here to check out the video on the processing speed which was recently revealed during Sony’s Investors Relations Day in Japan.

I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore gamer but I still enjoy playing Fifa with the lads on the occasional weekend or when we get a chance. E-sports has become a multi-billion dollar industry and growing. Some of our very own South African teams are competing all over the world, one of my favourites Goliath gaming who has recently signed South Africa’s best Fifa player – Thabo “Yvng Savage” Moloi who, I am sure cannot wait for the release date of the new console.