Sometimes all it takes is a little nudge or a slight push for a child to realise his/her full potential. Recently our friends at Bokamoso Education Trust heard from Brandon who bounced back after struggling to raise his grades at school.

At the end of last term, Bokamoso was told by Brandon’s school that he will not make it through the year. His maths mark was ranging between 22% – 27% for the year. With a fail in Maths, he wouldn’t be able to pass.

Bokamoso managed to raise some funds for extra maths lessons with an exceptional maths teacher. Brandon fully took advantage of the lessons – he attended during holidays and every Saturday leading up to his exam. All of his hard work was rewarded when he passed Maths with an impressive 63%!!!

“We are incredibly proud of this young man and very pleased with his result,” says CEO of Bokamoso, Cathrine du Toit.

In addition to this, Bokamoso took a further step to motivate and encourage Brandon’s academic improvement through mentorship.

“One of our donors has been writing to Brandon regularly, to which he has been replying with written letters. He say this has been a huge encouragement,” comments Cathrine. “We are in awe of the potential of our children when given the right support and help. He has shot the lights out.”

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