EasyEquities will be sponsoring this year’s Otter African Trail Run. This follows last year’s sponsorship of the event by Easy’s sister brand, Emperor Asset Management.

The prestige trail run is a spectacular race between Storms River and Natures Valley, with direction of the route changing each year. It’s a place where athletes can totally lose themselves in nature, experiencing the rugged Indian Ocean coastline trails, indigenous forests, river crossings and spectacular scenery of the area.

The 2021 event comprised two distances, the full 42km trail (made up of two runs with different time requirements: The Challenge and The Race) and the Dassie Trail, an 11km run for those who preferred a gentler experience.

EasyEquities chief marketing officer Carel Nolte says trail running and investing have a lot in common.

“Both require a clear goal, which is achieved through passion, dedication and perseverance,” he says. “Also, anyone can do it – even if you think you can’t! You just have to believe in yourself.”

Here’s what some of the participants had to say about their experiences last year:

“I set pretty high expectations on myself for the race last year, but I quickly realised I wasn’t going to have the day I was hoping for. My mindset changed to survival mode and tried to just take in the beauty of where I was. The Otter Trail is a magical place and somewhere we should all experience at some point in our lives. It was a privilege to be with friends from Purple and to represent Emperor at this year’s race. Memories made for a lifetime.” – Craig Turton

What an epic albeit brutal event and an amazing few days! I will definitely be back with Team Easy for more punishment in 2022! A huge congrats to all the runners and a big thank you to the team who were there to support us and to see the Emperor brand flying high! 👏 👍 👊 🐧 ” – Brad Leather

“Absolutely brilliant event. The Otter Trail has been on my bucket list since I first discovered it in 2013 and can’t believe it’s eight years on when I finally got to do it. WELL worth the wait as it exceeded my best expectations by a factor of two. It has a very tangible aura to it that is difficult to describe and so a great partnership with the adventurous penguin of Emperor Asset Management. Big congrats to my colleagues and friends Gary Van Dyk CA(SA) and Bradley Leather for their first ultra-marathon and the rest of the crew Craig Turton CFP®Shaun KeelingSibusiso VilaneRobert PearseDominick Marshall-Smith and Blake Dyason.” – Justin Pearse

Photo: Kelvin Trautman

“Taking part in this year Otter Trail Run and being a part of team Emperor was a humbling privilege for me. Finishing the trail and walking away with a prestigious finisher’s medal was historic and I will treasure that forever.” – Sibusiso Vilane

“I am so glad I didn’t tap out. The Otter was more than just a trail run, it was an experience out of this world. The scenery, the atmosphere and vibe were worth all the painful muscles. It challenge me physically and, most importantly, mentally.” – Bonolo Modise

“Being out in Nature’s Valley with some of our purplistas felt like one of the best team building experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Even though we only did the Dassie, we all managed to complete it and I personally felt empowered by that.” – Bongani Nhleko

 “I did the 11km Dassie trail, which was tough   but a truly awesome experience and feeling completing my first trail race in such a beautiful part of our country. The Otter event, and being a part of it with the rest of the Emperor Team, was special and an absolute vibe!” – Andrea Copland

Running the Dassie was exciting for sure. Although my race didn’t go according to plan and I fell 3km in, it was incredible to be a part of the event. The pain of the stairs matched by the beauty of the views from the top made it all worth it. Looking forward to going again in 2022.” – Brady Rothschild

“The Otter African Trail Run is a Beauty and a Beast of a trail…the unfathomable beauty around every corner beckons you to stay and wills you to at least come back again, while the gruelling nature of the sharp climbs and relentless stairs grills your legs and body, sapping the childlike spring in your step you feel you should have in such a setting.” – Susan Sloan

“The terrain was tough with a lot of stairs, but the views at the top were worth every step and staircase.” – Victoria

“The Otter was epic! I’m not a fan of the climb after Storms River, but I really enjoyed the fact that everyone on the route was in their element and enjoying themselves. My biggest learning was that even in the darkest of times you must keep moving forward. I wish I had taken an extra cup of juice for at the halfway and done more stairs in training. Would I do it again? The answer is YES! Every year. I loved every second of it.” – Shaun Keeling

“The Otter was exciting! I’m not a fan of the pebbles after Bloukrans, but I really enjoyed starting and knowing that you’re running the Otter Trail. My biggest learning was that you can run further than you think. I wish I had brought a fleece to pre-race inspection. Would I do it again? The answer is for sure, it was an incredibly well organised event that attracts friendly, nice people.” – Steve Johnstone

“I loved the Otter, well most of it. The last 10km got a little dark but it was such a privilege to run this beautiful trail and I am so grateful to have recovered from Covid and have the health and mobility to take on this iconic event.” – Blake Dyason

“Having the opportunity to run the Dassie at this year’s Otter Trail reminded me about everything that made me fall in love with trail running – trails, people and respect. The Otter is something special, back for more for sure.” – Josh Nuttall

“It was such a lovely experience, it was so interesting as a hiker having to run rather than walk a trail. I got to face my fear of water by crossing the river at the end… Rescue was sent my way but I only gave the guy my bag and pushed through finishing on foot… Proud of myself and I sure am doing this next year 👍” – SK


Emperor Asset Management’s products can be bought on the EasyEquities platform in your ZAR, TFSA and RA wallets.

The 2022 Otter African Trail Run will take place from 5-8 October, with various events on the different days. Sadly tickets are sold out for all events, but there is always room for supporters!

Event company Faces, which owns 947 Ride Joburg, has a majority stake in the Otter African Trail Run.

EasyEquities will also be involved in the 2022 947 Ride Joburg, which takes place on Saturday, 12 November. The company will have VIP areas at the event, as well as a number of other surprises!