This week saw the annual MAD2Run Comedy evening hosted at Parker’s Comedy and Jive Club. As a fundraising effort for the run from Johannesburg to Cape Town happening later this year, the comedy evening saw four comedians entertain the crowd with topical and (sometimes controversial) issues all in the name of light-hearted comedy. “Take what you do seriously but not yourself” springs to mind for the description of the skits presented by the comedians and the crowd responded in kind. Several members and guests from CN&CO attended the evening and had an absolute blast, with our own Rob Christian taking the role of part-time auctioneer to raise some funds for the charity. While not exactly a gifted orator, he and his running partner Jonathan Oldnall,┬ámanaged to convince the crowd to participate in good humour for the auction.

All in all it was a very successful and enjoyable night, with roughly an additional R70 000 raised for the MAD Leadership Foundation, which is a massive boost to the fundraising efforts.

A big thank you to all who attended, especially our favourite Lebanese man Kurt Solomon and Chris Miller from Simplifyd for participating so thoroughly in the auction!