Images have power. They allow us to celebrate the world around us as it actually is.

CN&CO #ThinkingPullingTogether with our sponsors invites you to enter ‘Rowing in action’

The race: Upload your most extra-oar-dinary rowing image capturing your best in action rowing to Instagram and/or Twitter and row your way to the top to stand a chance at winning prizes sponsored by @RMB_CIB, EasyEquities, Dead Reckoning and others.

Our first month of the competition has come to an end. We asked Olympic silver medalist Lawrence Brittain to select the Gold Medalist for the month of February and the winning image went to Jake Milton Green, a Row SA Olympian that competed in Rio 2016.

Here is his Gold Medal worthy entry:

“Chilly early sessions in Varese last year, this was the first time our crew got to race overseas. We had no idea if we would be at the olympics at that stage because we still had to qualify so that weekend we learned a lot of what we needed to do #thinkingpullingtogether” – Jake Milton Green












The winning images thus far have set the bar very high. Here are the weekly winners for the month of February:

Image by @frank_nagel

Image by @GordonDodge






Image by @mpumi_geza as well as cover image – #TeamGeza winner of our coach showdown

We are encouraging everyone to enter! For anyone who missed the initial competition blog, CLICK HERE for information on entry requirements and prizes.

For those of you who haven’t won, we encourage you to keep entering – There are still two months of competition to go! We are looking forward to this coming months extra-oar-dinary entries and we have no doubt they will be gold worthy!