On Thursday, 17 November 2016, our clients, ITOO Special Risks (an insurance underwriter offering niche special risks and liability insurance offerings) held their internal launch which doubled up as their end of year celebration at the Sir James van der Merwe Bar at Katy’s Palace in Kramerville. It was a special occasion (with CN&CO proud to be involved in helping put together) celebrating a new brand and the people that form part of its culture and family. The market launch of ITOO Special Risks is set to take place in early 2017.

img_0360 The purpose of the event was to bring the team together to celebrate the achievements and journey 2016 has delivered. Rob Hallier (one of the founders of ITOO Investments with Paolo Cavalieri) set the tone by welcoming guests, providing an overview of the ITOO business (of which ITOO Special Risks is one of the them) and thanking the team for their part in getting to this point.

Warwick Goldie and Melita Thurling of ITOO Special Risks then went on to talk about the ITOO culture and illustrate the values and pillars which set the business apart which included passion, teamwork, clients, service and professionalism to name a few.

Before the team commenced with the festivities, they were treated to two more surprises coming in the form of SA Olympic silver medalist, Lawrence Brittain who addressed the team and touched on the points about perseverance, teamwork and passion by sharing his life (and rowing) story which left an special impression on the team.

Paolo Cavalieri then went on to reveal the final surprise, linking to the key element of the business: its people. Paolo revealed a wall of portraits which displayed every ITOO person. These were carefully illustrated by a number of South African artists and represented the team.

The team then set the tone for the rest of the night, eating, talking, dancing and embracing the magnificent Joburg sunset together in a night to remember.

Here’s to many successful years and moments ahead for the ITOO brand its awesome team.