With the majority of South Africans based at home these days, almost all gatherings have become virtual – from conferences to concerts – and CN&CO Events has been there all the way, supporting this new virtual reality.

The latest event to go virtual was the listing of a new ETF on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. 

On 7 May 2020 our friends at Satrix listed the SA Bond ETF on the JSE, representing the first virtual listing to take place on the exchange – and also the first ETF listing for 2020. The ETF tracks the S&P South Africa Sovereign Bond 1+ Year Index which includes rand-denominated South African government bonds that mature in more than a year’s time. It suits investors with a moderate risk profile, seeking yield and diversification over a longer term. 

The event coincided with Satrix’s 20th birthday, and came hot on the heels of the company’s sweeping wins at the SALTA Awards! And everyone was there. The emcee and entertainer for the event was our good friend Bianca Le Grange, who last Saturday night gave a stunning “living room concert” online from her home. EasyEquities – one of our founding clients who we still work with to this day – was there in the form of Shaun Keeling, who co-emceed with Bianca. Our mates at veldskoen.shoes – who will be speaking at the upcoming InsureTalk2 conference – gave away blue-soled (Satrix-coloured) shoes to 20 lucky delegates.

Satrix launched the first ETF in South Africa, the Satrix Top 40, on 27 November 2000. So, with the launch of the SA Bond ETF, for a short time it has both the oldest and the youngest ETFs on the JSE!

“The launch brought together 554 people from across the country to make history as we took part in the first virtual listing on the JSE,” says CN&CO Events’ Llewellyn du Plessis. “It was amazing to see the participation of delegates both via the Zoom call and on social media. Virtual events really have taken off in an amazing way and we are delighted to be able to provide an experience that goes way beyond the webinar.”

CN&CO’s Carel Nolte, who also serves as chief marketing officer at EasyEquities, says it’s great to be involved in such a large event.

“I doubt that the JSE has ever had the number of people in the atrium, as the kudu horn blows, as we saw at the Satrix virtual event,” he says. “Big congratulations to Satrix and the JSE on the listing – the 74th ETF to be listed on the exchange, which forms the backbone of our economy. We are proud to count EasyEquities and Satrix as partners of CN&CO.”

Watch the launch here: