Sometimes I wonder where my thoughts take me and how my mind latches onto certain things and lets others pass.

Over the weekend I found myself thinking about three Ps. Maybe it had something to do with my contribution to the Father’s Day piece that Nutreat’s team put together. (Feige, thanks for the invite!)


Shooting from the hip or reacting too quickly to something? We have all done it, I am sure. Being patient and not reacting too quickly. It is something I am constantly working on to improve. Being patient allows you to evaluate the situation.

Being patient also involves waiting, or rather seeing how things will unfold before making decisions. How long do you have to be patient for? Well, who knows? If you owned a crystal ball maybe you wouldn’t need to be patient at all.

Be patient with yourself; sometimes you may take longer to grasp something than you should. I set a high standard for myself and this is something that I should work on/remind myself. No one is perfect.


Reading more has led me to discover the art of journalling. Thanks to some recommendations from a couple of mates at work, I have discovered Tim Ferris and his opinion around how journalling can help you to grow.

Thrive also supports the ideology.

From the reading that I have been doing, journalling allows you to put things into perspective. Clear your mind and put those creative thoughts down before you forget them.

Perspective is important; it shows you the bigger picture and how important it is to remember to stay grounded. By writing things down, it also allows us to give structure to our thoughts and how they might fit into the different things we are working on, or into life in general.

Just proving that although a lot of our lives are consumed by technology, the pen and paper certainly isn’t dead. (I can see my grandfather smiling and saying, “I told you so.”)


Take what you do seriously; be engaged with what you do and work hard to achieve what you set out to.

My friends know me as a passionate individual. I often wear my heart on my sleeve – this got me into trouble a bit at school on the hockey field!

I am opinionated. But by focusing on patience and perspective, I am learning to present my opinion in a way that is better suited to the situation rather than shooting from the hip or blurting it out.

It’s important to be passionate about things that you believe in or feel strongly about. As I spend more time interacting and learning from people, I am formulating the best way to display this passion.


So the outcome of Patience, Perspective, and Passion? For me, they all filter into one another. Being committed and passionate about things is just one aspect. You need to remember to be patient and to keep perspective. You will be surprised how you can harness your opinions and grow your broader knowledge if you listen to other people’s opinions first and share yours later.

I am going to give journalling a stab and revert in the coming weeks. I challenge you to take up something new that pushes you out of your comfort zone.


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