Joshua Nuttall, head of CRM at CN&CO partner Purple Group, is crazy about cycling and helping people in need. In his regular column on our blog he talks about his cycling exploits and what goes on inside his head while he’s IN THE SADDLE. What’s especially cool about this blog is the fact that Josh – together with CN&CO’s Kurt Solomon and Allan Bader – is in fullout training for the upcoming MAD2Run relay from Joburg to Cape Town. (Read more about the boys’ exploits in Diary of some MADmen.)

When approaching a crossroads you generally have three options: go left, go right, or carry on in the same direction. Well, you could also go back the way you came… so I guess you actually have four?

If you are on a bicycle or a run (seeing that the MAD2Run journey is just around the corner) and haven’t planned your route, don’t have any time pressure and feel like a bit of an adventure… any choice will do!

But how do you choose?

Each will have its own adventure, learnings and memories, but the truth is that the experiences of the direction in which you choose to travel are largely up to you. After all, the outcome of the journey is what you make of it.

We don’t have all the answers. If we did, I imagine life wouldn’t be half the adventure that it is. Can you imagine a long, straight road – as far as the eye can see – as your journey? So, I guess it’s natural to come to a crossroads every now and then that requires you to make a decision. You may even be tempted to try something that’s outside of your comfort zone.

Reading other people’s opinions and advice can aid you in making the decision that’s best for you. There are some awesome blogs and books out there (I am finally starting to appreciate the art of reading!) Thrive Global is one of my favourites. Here are three pieces that really stood out for me in the past week:

Getting to a crossroads also prompts you to evaluate your time and the decisions you are making. In short, are you structuring your time in the best way? Or could be doing things slightly differently to get better results? I read a piece titled “Don’t Let the ‘Urgent’ Overtake the ‘Important’”, which really hit the nail on head!

So, a crossroads shouldn’t necessarily be a negative. Use it to grow, re-evaluate, gain perspective and enjoy the opportunities that lie ahead. After all, learning is part of life and can only make us better human beings in the long run!

Enjoy the journey.