Joshua Nuttall is part of the marketing team at Purple Group, a CN&CO client. He uses his IN THE SADDLE column on our blog to share the thoughts that pop into his head while he’s out riding his bicycle…

CHANGE — a word that many people dislike — I wonder why…

Is it because it forces us to learn something new? Or is it the promise of the unknown that sits behind this word that delivers some apprehension?

Change is something that I take a bit of time getting used to. I have certainly become more adaptable; however, the apprehension of the unknown still challenges me.

When we are asked to change, whether it be taking on a new role in the workplace or a recommendation from a friend or family member about the way we are acting, it requires us to adopt something new. Re-reading this sentence, I think that “change” and “new” are two words that go hand in hand.

To make this new adoption, we are required to take decisions, look through different lenses and sometimes even wear different shoes (I mean this figuratively of course). Anyway—I am sure you get the picture.

I have never been a great reader. I used to memorise the books when I was younger when there were reading tests at school. However, it was reading that I turned to, to help me handle change better. Reading different perspectives, signing up for a few  journals and essentially looking to learn from other people’s experiences which they have written about.

I am getting better at reading, making more time for it and consciously remembering that there is a hell of a lot that we can learn from other people.

One of my favourite journals is “Thrive Global”. As I was writing this, I had a look at the latest blogs the journal was showcasing and ended up reading this “How quitting a stressful life was the ultimate risk”… not to worry we are not “quitting”, but it did encourage me to look at things differently.

As I work to get better at changing and adopting new skills, attitudes and ways of doing things, I realise that that makes me a more rounded person. I still have an almighty amount to learn; change is good and I look forward to the attributes I can learn from others. Who knows, I might even get a bit better at reading!

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