After an incredible month of Olympics, hard work, national pride and the spirit (and power) of people coming together… we were indeed treated and reminded about the exciting world we live in. Our South African athletes gave an incredible showing, bringing home a number of medals on the field, track and water. For us it reflects the nature of our business vested around people. To celebrate the achievements and celebrations from #Rio2016, one our clients the Purple Group decided to name the theme of their annual ‘Purple Potjie’ competition (3 September 2016) after the ‘Olympics’.IMG_20160905_130713
The Purple Potjie is taken VERY seriously amongst the Purplistas, with a number of teams formed and each given the task of creating their own potjie whilst getting kitted out in their own team attire. Rumour has it Purple CEO, Charles Savage has held numerous tactical meetings with his team in order to claim the coveted potjie crown.

IMG_20160905_130659Team CN&CO (aka Team JapanEasy in honour of the 2020 Japan games and Easy Equities), attended and added a different spin to the 2016 edition. While our skills in the cooking department aren’t great (apart from Penny who is a maestro), we decided to bring a different kind of recipe to the day in the form of gees and spirit.
Instead of cooking our potjie we thought it important to support the different Purple teams whilst they cooked up their treats, whilst keeping them hydrated and spoiling them with a bit of fun and encouragement. After all, it’s just a game and what better way to share in the Olympic spirit than with the coming together and support of people. Stay tuned into the @cnandco Twitter channel for more from the 2016 Purple Potjie.

On the subject of the Olympics, SA rowers Shaun Keeling and Lawrence Brittain delivered their first talks yesterday at Standard Bank and the Purple Group.IMG_2853 We’re helping the SA rowers with PR and driving their motivational talk to companies and clients in SA. Their first talks generated a welcoming buzz and definitely worth hearing.

We’re proud to be associated with so many exciting happenings and especially providing the gees (and spirit) with so many brilliant people and brands.