Riversands Incubation Hub does incredible work to provide black-owned SMEs and entrepreneurs with a nurturing and supportive environment needed to develop and grow their businesses. We love to hear from them, from time to time.

In the recent newsletter, Riversands shares with us some exciting news. We hear from the CEO, Jenny Retief, who gives a reflection on what has been achieved in the past few months and the plans for the remainder year. The newsletter also covers the latest developments and important dates and events to diarise.

As part of an on going process to provide support to small businesses, Riversands is set to host yet another FundEX on 16 August 2018. Stay tuned for more information.

This month Riversands looks at the installation of fibre at the campus. This, to allow faster connectivity and enable businesses to deliver more efficiently to consumers. Speaking of efficiency, make sure to visit Riversands website and experience the new and improved site.

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