CN&CO, along with many of our partners and associates, has a happy and fruitful relationship with Business and Arts South Africa (BASA), which does great work in bringing business to the arts and the arts to business.

This month’s BASA newsletter profiled inspiring individuals who embody a spirit of creative renewal and brings you up on what BASA has been up to. It was compiled by Savannah Feeke, Head of Marketing at BASA. Below is her intro, where she shares some lessons around her journey.

“Another month has come and gone. Reflecting on my journey, as the now not-so-new Head of Marketing at Business and Arts South Africa (BASA), I’ve come into contact with so many inspiring young artists and equally impressive business leaders. Winter’s icy grip is here and I can’t help but wonder how we continue to practice creative self-expression in a time when the gravity of the season is pulling us inwards – where our creative cycle experiences its own personified winter. Through the month I’ve come to understand how necessary it is to have this downtime, to go inward and reflect – composting old matter in order to refresh our foundations for growth. Having moved into a different part of my personal cycle here at BASA, I realise we have the opportunity to discover something new – allowing this period of quiet communion to move through us as we anticipate our creativity to be refreshed.”

Read the full newsletter here.

We hope you enjoy the read. You can learn more about becoming a BASA member here.