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When specialist recruitment expertise combines with extensive professional networks, hiring magic happens.

Recruiting the right individual for high-level roles is crucial when it comes to maintaining continuity and excellence in any organisation.

The CN&CO Recruit team has decades of experience, both in recruitment and in the industries we serve. We know recruitment and we know people – the right people – to fill top level vacancies in the insurance and education sectors in South Africa

Meet the team

Michele Katz

Michele Katz has 20+ years’ experience as a specialist recruiter.

With an extensive network, a passion for building lasting relationships with clients and a desire to develop the industries she serves, Michele is often the go-to recruiter of choice.

Janet Fox

Janet Fox van der Poel is a highly experienced educator with close ties to South Africa’s top teachers and school administrators.

Carel Nolte

Carel Nolte is well known and well connected in insurance and education.

His network spans the length and breadth of the industries – there aren’t many professionals he doesn’t know.

Carel is dedicated to ensuring that both education and insurance continue to play their role in building our country.

Giving back

Part of our fee on every placement goes to a charity in the respective industry to help build capacity and make a real difference in the lives of many South Africans.

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