True to our African culture, music, rhythm and sound have always been at the forefront in many aspects of what we do. In work, communication is a key element of getting the job done and in the chaos of everyday life, it is sometimes nice to be able to cancel the noise and focus without interruption. The ability to listen to do so, through a durable, flexible and lifestyle suited headset makes the process a lot easier and more enjoyable.

CN&CO is proud to have Plantronics South Africa as a partner with a focus over the next period to help further develop their brand, communications and PR in SA. Over the period of a few months, we have been  working closely with the Plantronics International Marketing team, as well as driving a strong partnership with Niven Maraj, the Plantronics country manager in South Africa. Our focus has been predominantly on local engagement, social media content management, PR opportunities and influencer interactivity and will continue to be the focus in the months to come.

Purple Group has become a second home to a lot of us at CN&CO with Kurt and Carel spending a predominant amount of time at the Purple office, which has also become a creative space for the rest of our team if we are needing to work outside of our own headquarters.

Nilan Morar who is head of Trading at can most often be seen behind his trading desk with his Plantronics head gear assisting him in getting his everyday work done with ease.

Here’s a bit of insight into why Nilan chooses Plantronics:

What was your first interaction with the Plantronics brand?

I first used the brand when we added headsets to our trading desk, this was more than 10 years ago, and I am still using the same headset today.

What is it about the brand that resonated with you?

The quality, longevity and innovation.

In what capacity do you use Plantronics?

I use it professionally, every day at the office, it’s the medium through which I speak to my clients. I also use their newer Voyager products as a mobile headset. At leisure I use the Backbeat range to listen to music or watch movies.

How has Plantronics been of value to you in terms of business and lifestyle?

In the work space the benefits have to include improving posture and neck/ back pain that one endures when sitting with a phone lodged between your head and shoulder all day. Using the voyager makes holding a mobile to your ear feel primitive, it’s extremely intuitive and is truly a hands-free solution.

Are there any specific features that you particularly love about the products?

  • The ease of use
  • The durability
  • On the Backbeat products the quality of sound is really unbelievable, clarity like I’ve never heard before even from more expensive brands. The noise cancellation works a treat too.
  • Affordability

Nilan isn’t the only person in the Purple office that is frequently seen wearing his Plantronics headsets.
Joshua Nuttall and Tristan Finnemore who are both part of the team at Purple are both digital junkies themselves, with Josh being the data warrior for and Tristan being Vice President of Digital Assets. With their nature of work being based in the digital sphere, a good headset is essential to the work that they do, and they are very rarely seen without their number one accessory: their Plantronics headsets.

This is why Josh and Tristan love their Plantronics:


“My first real set of head phones, the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2s certainly produced the goods! Over the last couple of years I have been on the lookout for a quality set of head phones, a pair that would allow me to knuckle down and focus properly at work (open plan offices are awesome, but we all have moments where we need to go into our own little bubbles), while also having a superior sound quality (we all have an urge to blast some beats). A mate from work introduced me to the Plantronics range and I haven’t looked back…the BackBeat Pros are always in my bag, ready to help me dominate the work day. I might even have to get a pair of their BackBeat FIT’s to get me through my MAD2Run journey at the end of March!”


When it comes to concentration, creativity and focus, the buzz of an open plan office can be both inspiring and distracting at the same time and latter can seriously hamper any form of productivity for most. For the days I need some peace and quiet, I don’t just unplug my computer and find a small office somewhere, close the door and get stuck in, not a chance, the FOMO would be unmanageable, for those days, I turn to my trusty Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 headphones with Active Noise Cancelling. That last part is the where the beauty lies with this tech, the ANC or Active Noise Cancelling is your weapon to the war on noise, its superb. Turn on and switch off.

Now, an open plan office is not the only scenario these brilliant pieces of tech come in handy. If you ever on a long-haul flight somewhere, and find the unrelenting drone of those engines unbearable, put those headphones on, switch the mode to “ANC” and let them do the rest. Whether you are watching a great movie, listening to great tracks on your iPhone or just have the headphones on, with nothing playing, utilising the ANC, you’ll find yourself having to lift one headphone off an ear on occasion just to make sure the engines are in fact still running, trust me, they’re that good.

So remember, If you find yourself in the situation where you need to zone out, save your sanity and let those Active Noise Cancelling headphones help you get your work done, I certainly do.

Whether for lifestyle, fitness, gaming or simply just to listen to the latest music, there is a Plantronics headset suited for all your needs. With premium quality sound and a slick design, you can never go wrong with Plantronics’ wireless, lifestyle suited headsets.