John Muir, an explorer and mountaineer said “The Mountains are calling and I must go.”

It is said that every African at some point in their lives dream of really experiencing Africa – its culture, history, landscape, people and of course, its highest mountain – Kilimanjaro. Ursula Grobler, most famously known for placing 5th in the A-Final in the Leightweight Women Double Skull at the Rio Olympics and is also a member of the National Squad, who are sponsored by CN&CO and Donovan van Graan (Muis) an avid running enthusiast that almost lost his leg twice to his passion and has climbed a number of major mountains around the world are planning a 14000km endeavor trough Africa with the ultimate goal of climbing Kilimanjaro.

Project Escape is planned around soul searching , personal discovery, inner peace and incredible personal adventures on a very limited shoestring budget. They hope to share their experiences with like minded people who they hope can also benefit from their adventure and stories to find meaning and introspection for their lives personally and in business.

Why support this endeavor 

In planning their trip, they have done their utmost best to keep costs low, however, climbing Kilimanjaro comes at a cost of its own – R25000 to R33000 per person. Due to the fact that climbing as an individual is no longer an option, having to cover the cost in US Dollars ($) assures that the endeavor itself isn’t a shoestring expedition. In essence, they are asking for financial support from anyone willing to help make their adventure possible.

In repayment, they are willing to write about, share their stories, give advice and capture photos and experiences. They are offering advertising opportunities to have visible soul-branding of businesses that are kindly willing to sponsor their endeavor and are willing to give motivational talks that emulate the way in which your sponsorship helped them in achieving their dreams.

Visit Adventure Muis to find out more about Project Escape and their calls for sponsorship as well as to learn more about Ursula and Donovan so that, with sponsorship assistance, they are afforded the opportunity to embark on this once in a lifetime adventure.

Download the Project Escape sponsorship document (PDF) here.

For any additional information, contact Ursula and Donovan:

Ursula: 072 857 3971 |

Donovan: 082 831 2694 |

Or Follow their adventures at: