When we look at things or try to understand them, do we fully acknowledge or contextualise them? Or do we just interpret things as they first appear?

In today’s fast paced world, it is easy to use the term “busy” when we fail to contextualise things properly. At times our lack of focus can inhibit our ability to grasp the full picture.

The saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, summarises this point well.

Taking the broader context into account when interpreting or analysing things is important to ensure that you gather the full story. Viewing the story in isolation or only acknowledging part of the context can skew your interpretation and lead to incorrect assumptions.

Here’s an example that showcases why you need to acknowledge the context of the full story or surroundings.

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Did you notice the difference?

At first you may have only identified that the price point between the two offerings is different. If you took your time and actually paid attention to the differences you will see that by solely looking at the price point, the story is deceptive.

Reading this, you may think that these are rather obvious comments or thoughts. They may be, but being fully aware of things requires us to tap into our consciousness and make an effort to not judge a book by its cover and rather unpack the under lying levels.

The biggest take away is that we need to be conscious of how important context is as it guides our interpretation, assumptions and actions.

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