There are 86400 seconds in a day.

How we spend each one of these seconds will impact what we do, the decisions we make/take, and the change that we are able to make.

Time is always moving and we are constantly faced with trade-offs when it comes to decisions around how we spend it. At times though, we can get caught up in the speed of the world around us and as a result we do not fully understand (or appreciate) the impact that slowing our thinking down could have on the situation at hand.

Here’s something to consider while you ponder about slowing down your thinking.

1 million seconds = +/- 12 days

1 billion seconds = 11 574 (31 years)

The difference one zero can make is enormous. So, what could the impact be of pausing before rushing off to your next meeting; making sure that you give yourself time to exercise once a day to clear your mind; disconnecting from your cell phone before you go to bed in the evening; reading 10 pages of a book a day…  

Small changes can often make the biggest difference. You may be reading this and thinking it is impossible for me to slow down, but I challenge you to think deeper and to think about adding something rather than taking something away. Some research/thinking suggests that by shifting our focus between tasks, we can increase our creativity to solve problems and come up with different ideas.

My podcast recommendation this week is only linked to one podcast. However there are many links and places that it may drive you to, because while we all have the same amount of time in the day, how we spend it remains our individual choice.

TED Radio Hour – Manoush’s Favorites: Slowing Down

As you listen to it think about what it means to you when you hear the words “slowing down” and be open to thinking about areas in your day to day life where you could add a habit to help you slow down.