Solving problems requires us to make sense of the issues that we face. Breaking things down and asking who, what, and why questions so that we can understand what we are dealing with. After all, one of our greatest skills as humans is the ability to think.

While there are indeed some problems that we can easily solve on our own, others require collaboration and support.

Getting buy in from the required parties is often the hardest part, because it requires them to acknowledge that we have a problem that affects them in some shape or form. One of the biggest challenges in getting people to collaborate in problem solving comes in the way we communicate what needs to be done. 

So, here’s a suggestion. Let’s embrace collaboration, spend time communicating effectively and work together to solve problems that appear to be so big it is intimidating to pick one specific spot to start with.

We cannot solve global problems on our own and this is why initiatives like the TED Countdown excite me. 

Through collaboration and the literal meaning of “two minds are better than one”, we can tackle problems that are bigger than ourselves.

Here are a few podcasts that interested me this week and I thought that they may interest you too.

Ps. If you haven’t watch TED Countdown you can do so here. Please sign up and let’s work together to solve the climate issues we are faced with.