Keeping perspective, a continuous learning experience that I am on and one that I am grateful for. This week, in a plane on the way back from Cape Town I had some time to write down a few thoughts. Writing is a way for me to outline my thoughts, whether it be in my moleskin book or in a new word doc that I open up on my laptop. Writing also provides an opportunity for me to consider and contemplate the bigger picture.

Thinking bigger and challenging yourself can be daunting and we definitely don’t have all the answers, well I don’t at least. We are told that timing is everything, but what if we turned this on its head and adopted the view that we create our own timing to a certain extent? Sure, there are serendipitous moments on life’s journey and we can’t control everything that happens to us, but we do have the ability to embrace the bigger picture and make the most of ideas and the time we are given.

Here are some of the podcasts that stood out for me this week. From mental models, search engines, empathy, data, a trucking company, happiness, innovation and ideas. This quote really struck a chord, “build yourself, think of yourself as a product”. Just because you are not ‘formally’ studying doesn’t mean that you are not learning. Take a step back and think about the people you talk to or meet, the things you read, and the experiences you have. We have a choice, a brain and plenty of opportunities, so let’s see what we can make of them!

The Start-Up Mindset with Bracken Darrell

Creating a Culture of Empathy with Dr. Emily Anhalt

052 Professor Scott Galloway on the Algebra of Happiness

Popping the Filter Bubble

RMB Solutionist Podcast Series: Bruce Whitfield sits down with Empty Trip founder, Benji Coetzee

I am on the hunt for more podcasts, there are thousands out there…. But I have found that asking those around you for recommendations can sometimes be the best starting point rather than going on a wild goose chase. So, if you do have any recommendations, please drop me an email at