We receive feedback constantly in our daily lives – you may not be aware of all the different feedback points that are on the go and every so often it may be worthwhile to pause to take a few of them in.

Feedback, is primarily presented in two forms – positive and negative. Depending on the context in which it is received, the impact and interpretation of the feedback can vary hugely. I would caution against thinking that negative feedback can only have bad outcomes, there are times where this form of feedback can be incredibly insightful to your development.

Thinking in loops can either come naturally or it can seem entirely foreign. Linear thinking has dominated a lot of the global thinking space over previous decades, but at the start of the 3rd decade of the 21st Century there is a strong shift towards circular thinking.

If you research circular thinking there is a wide variety of information that is returned. One of the loops that is growing in awareness is that of the circular economy. A concept that encourages us to think deeply about the full life cycle of the things we consume and what happens to waste we produce. Thinking about things in their entirety rather than just in segmented silos.

If you haven’t heard of the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation, I highly recommend checking it out and familiarising yourself with some of her thinking. Businesses and individuals from around the globe are creating a framework for us all to become more aware

The world today is far more interconnected than many people realise. This is due to numerous factors – education, awareness, communication, and acceptance. It is dangerous for us to live in a siloed universe, with limited knowledge of what is going on around us.

The biggest thing that we can learn from feedback is the ability to do something with the information that we receive and to think through the full loop rather than stopping at a specific point.

This week’s podcasts focus around the theme of design and encourage you to think through the different elements.

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