When you type “connectivity” into Google it returns a generic definition:

“the state of being connected or interconnected”

In simple terms this definition makes sense, but to fully understand It one needs to unpack the meaning of “connected” so that we can accurately identify what connectivity means in varying situations. To connect is to establish a link, whether physical or virtual, with another party.

As humans we connect in many different way – through tech, learning, social media, face to face, and many more. Some of our most powerful connections run through the network of our brain, connecting, learning and experiencing. Being a digital thinker and working in marketing this space fascinates me as I look for ways to better understand the decisions we make in various contexts.

Recently I was in a situation where a prompt in a conversation drove me to unearth information and insights that I had studied at varsity a few years back. At the time of studying them, I had fully understood the concepts and enjoyed the debates we had around them , thus I wasn’t too surprised that once my mental book had been opened I was able to begin utilising these insights.

This occurrence drove me to think about connectivity – how we maintain, grow, and evolve connections through the journey we are on. Just like a strong fibre connection to your home or office means that you don’t have to wait while the line buffers. We must also remember the value in our connectivity and how we can maintain a strong connection in other areas of our life.

This week’s podcast recommendations looks at software, intelligence, streaming, decision making and more.

An interesting read about the evolution of software and the impact it has on the road that is leading to our future.

Software Is Reorganizing the World

Reading Tim Ferris’s five bullet Friday this week, I came across a TED talk that I thought worth sharing with you as well.  It’s title My philosophy for a happy life and was presented by  Sam Berns at TEDx Mid Atlantic.