Over the last 18 months I have learnt a lot from listening to podcasts. They offer a different way to engage with content and hear different stories/perspectives.

I am constantly on the lookout for new things, eager to learn, not very good at “no”, don’t really like sitting still and enjoy a challenge. Podcasts are changing the way we engage content, they are growing rapidly and they provide us with an opportunity to learn/hear from people’s perspectives who we may never meet in our lives.

One of the reasons I find the podcast space exciting is because they allow us to consume the content on the go, while we are doing something else, and we can listen to them where ever we are. As an example, I often listen to podcasts when I am on my bicycle or sitting in traffic between visiting clients.

Podcasts have quite literally exploded globally—staying up to date and listening to them all is quite a challenge. As my journey through life continues, I strongly believe that we can learn and do more if we embrace collaboration. Sharing thoughts, ideas, opportunities and experiences with each other.

On a regular basis, I am going to aim for weekly on a Monday, I will share interesting podcasts that I have listened to or that have been shared with me over the previous week.

Here are a few of the podcasts that I listened to over the last week that may interest you. If you have any podcasts that you would like me to feature or think that we should listen to, please drop me an email joshua@cnandco.com.

The first podcast is an interview that features a friend and an incredibly powerful person. I first met Ntombi Langa-Royds a few years ago, she is inspiring and we can all learn a lot from her experience.

Ntombi Lanya-Royds' full conversation on Riël Malan’s "Shapers, Makers, Builders and Breakers" podcas
Listen to her full conversation on Riël Malan’s “Shapers, Makers, Builders and Breakers” podcast here.

The second podcast features insights into data. Data fascinates me. One of the learnings from early on in my career in the marketing space, is that the sales and marketing teams should work together and not in isolation . Ed McDonnell is the Senior Vice President of Sales for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, listen to the full podcast here, where he discusses some of these points and opportunities to use data to inform our decisions.

The third podcast is an opinion about failure. Personally, I don’t think failure is negative as it offers us the opportunity to learn major lessons and improve while we keep moving forward. Christopher Lochhead’s “Follow Your Different Podcast” series is a regular on my play list.

Christopher Lochhead Follow your different. Willing to fail
Listen to the full podcast and conversation that Christopher Lochhead has with Brian Scudamore here.