Thinking is something that at times we don’t do enough of and at other times we do too much of it. Have you ever been told that you are other thinking something? The chances are that you probably have, can you remember how you responded? Over thinking isn’t always a bad thing through, however we shouldn’t get caught it the trap of using thinking as an excuse to delay action. We can unpack how we think, to better understand the decisions we make.

Over the last couple of months, I have been considering and breakdown the way that I am thinking. Using different perspectives from the experience of others and learning about how people make decisions. It’s been fascinating and it’s pushed me to question the way I approach opportunities. It has also lead me to question the environment that we create for ourselves in the world, the mindset that we approach ideas with, and what the future could look like. While this may sound extremely philosophical, I encourage you to think about the future and what it could look like. We aren’t all visionaries, but understanding how we think can open up many different doors.

In one of the previous blogs that I wrote, I referred to ‘cognitive fuel’. In short, how we are fuelling our brain—what we are reading and who we are surrounding ourselves with. I am a firm believer of learning through experience and while convincing yourself to take the first step isn’t always easy, you should try make a habit of just starting and being prepared to fall… more on this soon.

This week’s selection of podcasts feature insights from Seth Godin, who has challenged many conventional trains of thought and if you haven’t read some of his work please do. I also listened to an interesting podcast around Silicon Valley in Box, bringing innovation ingredients to an environment to enable start-up culture to grow. Lastly, seeing that I have been doing a lot of thinking, I included the latest Solutionist Thinking podcast from RMB.