For some people, working in an open plan office gives them a boost and feeds their energy to enable them to do their best work. While others just can’t focus with everything going on around them and either spend their day with noise cancelling head phones on are only operating at their full potential first thing early in the morning when the office is empty.

This is one of the thoughts that hit me this week, while listening to the podcast below. Today we live in a world where, depending on your profession/industry, you can operate from anywhere with a good internet connect. Platforms like Zoom give us the ability to host meetings with different stakeholders outside of the traditional office space. Coffee shops and shared or co-working spots are hubs of creativity, just like I find listening to podcasts a creative space. We are all different after all and can learn from stepping out of our comfort zone.

Here are some of the podcasts that I listened to this week. The topics range from discussions around introverts and extroverts, to a discussion with the co-founder of Instagram and futurist thinking. This is one of the things that I enjoy most about listening to podcasts, you aren’t constricted to one line of thinking or conversation. In the catalysing success podcast on the Knowledge Project hosted by Shane Parrrish, he discusses how you are influenced by things around you and how you tend to absorb information at a quicker rate when it shared by someone close to you like a mentor, friend or family member. The biggest take away for me this week is from this podcast. Shane was having a discussion with Daniel Gross, former Y Combinator partner and current founder of Pioneer. Daniel suggests that we should consider asking the people who we are close to or admire for their input or perspective on different topics that they aren’t necessarily experts in. For example ask an artist about their perspective or lessons from business, or ask a businessman/women for their political views.

That’s a wrap for this week’s podcasts. If you have any podcasts to share, please drop me an email at