I bought my first music player, the first generation Ipod Shuffle, in 2005! I was on my way to Cape Town from East London to compete in the South African Waveski Champs and could not bare the entire ride, in the back of a Corsa baakie, without music in my ears. It would mark the first time that the music I love would travel with me. Fast forward 13 years and music now sits permanently in our pocket, streamed from various platforms, but the device is not the only thing that taken a technological leap.

Enter Plantronics BackBeat Go 600 Headphones!

Buds are small and convenient but the amount of knots you’d end up with would rival a Boy’s Scout rope tying convention and over ear head phones can be pretty bulky, until I came across the Plantronics Back Beat Go 600’s.


These were only my second pair of wireless head phones I have owned. How did I survive so long with those clumsy wire fed headsets? The freedom of wireless must be the true champion in this story, but should you not be living in the 21st century like the rest of us, the GO 600 come with a backup 3.5mm jack for you to use.


Weighing in at a mere 175g, you’d be forgiven to forget that you having something over your ears, even after a Long Haul flight (or it could have been the Jet Lag!). The point is that their lightness does not compromise strength. For their amazing price, you’d think there would be compromise SOMEWHERE – I’m still trying to find it. The plush ear phone covers sits comfy on my ears without feeling like I was in a scrum with Tendai ‘Beast’ Mtawarira.


Phone, Drone, Cameras.. there are quite a few pieces of equipment in my quiver that rely on battery. Sometimes I think I have more power banks than devices. Fortunately, the GO 600 has a battery life 18 hours, longer than your longest inter-continental flight.


Oh the glorious sound! Crisp, clear and fresh is a pretty decent way to describe the quality. When comparing them to other headsets, I’m amazed I put up with the terrible quality for so long. It’s like comparing mumble rap to Eminem; clear, precise and overall just a pure quality.

So…From the ease of connecting with any of my devices to the pure quality of sound makes the Plantronics Back Beat GO 600’s a staple on all my adventures.

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