Today we celebrate #AfricaDay. A day of commemoration and unity in our continent’s history. A continent that is home to 54 countries, has produced some remarkable leaders and has a diverse and rich history. Our country has incredible people, cultures, history, innovations, stories, research, food, design, art, wildlife, and much much more.

Through the month of May, RMB’s building in Sandton has been lighting up the skyline using the language of light. The latest message from RMB celebrates Africa Day and encourages us to find creative solutions to help us navigate the future.

The RMB lights is just one of the amazing projects that RMB is involved in – and we are massive fans of all their work. CN&CO has been involved with RMB for a number of years working on the PR for the RMB National Squad, our national rowing team. We also follow their work with the creative economy closely – from the Turbine Art Fair to their sculptures around Merchant Place.

Africa Day is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity on 25 May 1963. It is celebrated in various countries on the African continent, as well as around the world.

Lighting up the Sandton skyline in Johannesburg South Africa, RMB’s HQ illumination reminds us we are “made of Africa”. The front façade the RMB HQ in Sandton has been transformed into an illuminated billboard that celebrates the universal language of light and encourages us to embrace our creativity.

Two of the four buildings that make up what is known as Merchant Place, on the corner of Rivonia Road and Fredman Drive, are alight displaying the continent of Africa.

The low-voltage LED projection and lighting, put together by Gearhouse, cost-effectively demonstrates the power of creativity to shine a light on our collective potential and generate the energy required to unleash innovative solutions.

The original rallying call of “solutions need us all” remains, reminding us that our best thinking won’t work if all we do is think on our own.

RMB’s head of marketing for Africa, Linda Kachingwe-Sisya, says as Africans we need to be optimistic in order to fully direct our resilience and courage towards finding appropriate solutions for the new normal.

“As we celebrate #AfricaDay and the continent’s unlimited potential, RMB stands in optimistic solidarity with the entire continent to help find creative solutions for our path to recovery from the ravages of Covid-19,” she says. “The illumination on our buildings reminds us that we can only find innovative ways to overcome challenges if we work together.”

The theme song that was chosen to accompany the “Made of Africa” lighting display is Say Africa by Vusi Mahlasela.

“The song talks about Africa as home, regardless of where in the world we might find ourselves,” says Kachingwe-Sisya. “And although we are being encouraged not to travel under the conditions of the Covid-19 lockdown, music and light unite us all and keep us optimistic and enthusiastic to focus on finding solutions.”

Other partners of CN&CO have also celebrated Africa Day with unique and powerful messages.

The Oliver Tambo Foundation who actively promote the memory of the Tambos leadership through education, community-upliftment, arts and culture, and women-empowerment initiatives, among others – shared a stanza from a poem taken from Tambo Lenyoka.

HAPPY AFRICA DAY! "In darknesses that breed and Nurse and bless all life The dark-crystal nights of Africa In depths of…

Posted by Oliver & Adelaide Tambo Foundation on Sunday, May 24, 2020

EasyEquities, one of our founding partners, continue to inspire us with the work they are doing to truly democratising access to share ownership – shared the following message in support of #AfricaDay2020 “A day to celebrate our history and the colourfulness of all the countries on our continent.”

To sign off, we encourage you to listen to a special rendition of the South African Nation Anthem. A unique and inspiring collaboration of over 1000 ordinary people who came together while being physically distanced.