I love Christmas. It the time of year when people make an extra-special effort to get together to eat, drink and be merry. I also love to make delicious food… and there is so much traditional Christmas fare that I don’t know where to start when trying to think of my favourite recipe. I think it must be this one, which is delicious and really easy to make.

Looking ahead to 2017, I am delighted that CN&CO will be working closely with the Thai Restaurant Group (Orient, Wang Thai, So Yum and Kong). Hopefully this means we’ll get to try some of their delicious dishes…. and maybe sneak a recipe or two! 😉

Anyway, here’s my recipe for easy Christmas mince pies. Have a fabulous festive season!



1 roll of puff pastry (make sure it is cold – just out of the fridge)

1 bottle Safari fruit mince

½ grated granny smith apple or grated zest of 1 orange

(or you can use Woolworths cranberry & apple fruit mince)

1 tablespoon brandy

1 egg for glazing

Small deep pie trays


  1. Roll out pastry and cut base to fit the pans
  2. Combine the grated apple (or orange zest) and brandy. Fill the pans half full
  3. Wet the top of the pastry bases with water to stick pie tops. Place the cut out pastry on top and press down. (I cut star-shaped tops)
  4. Paint the pie tops with beaten egg and place in a preheated hot oven at 220ºC until golden brown
  5. Leave to cool before removing from pan
  6. Sprinkle liberally with sieved icing sugar
  7. Serve with brandy butter



150g unsalted butter

150g icing sugar

4 tablespoons brandy


  1. Cream the butter until soft
  2. Gradually sift in the sugar and brandy, beating thoroughly with each addition
  3. Pile into a serving dish
  4. Chill until firm