On the couch is a series of video interviews hosted by CN&CO tapping into our diverse network of clients, competitors and friends from the insurance industry. 

The team at CN&CO have a lot in common, but the dominant thread that ties us all together is our passion for laughter and life and our roots in insurance. It is where many of our careers were born and bred. Over the years we have accumulated a vast network. We thought it was time to start a series of video interviews where we highlight what is happening around us and who is doing it. Anything basically that we find interesting, we will make a video about it, keep it short and simple and then share it with you.

In our second interview in the series we catch up with Mbulelo Mpofana from insuretech startup and world-first insurance product Investsure.

Are you an investor in the stock market? Do you have retirement funds invested for your future? Find out here how Investsure can help protect you against management fraud and dishonesty.

Find out what aspirations the team at Investsure have for this ground breaking product, and how it can help you on your investment journey.

We unpack how four cool, young actuaries from South Africa caught the attention of German insurance giant Hannover Re to unlock the budget required to launch this innovative insuretech product.

Watch the full interview here.