On the couch is a series of video interviews hosted by CN&CO tapping into our diverse network of clients, competitors and friends from the insurance industry. 

The team at CN&CO have a lot in common, but the dominant thread that ties us all together is our passion for laughter and life and our roots in insurance. It is where many of our careers were born and bred. Over the years we have accumulated a vast network. We thought it was time to start a series of video interviews where we highlight what is happening around us and who is doing it. Anything basically that we find interesting, we will make a video about it, keep it short and simple and then share it with you.

We like to think that our friends at five2nine are the best in the game at videography and editing. We also like to think that the fourteen of us at CN&CO are pretty good at chatting to people in a way that brings a relaxed and unique spin on a conversation.

Whether its Carel asking Ernest North when last he was genuinely naked, or Kurt making you feel like you sitting in his backyard with a dop in your hand on a Sunday arvie in summer. Perhaps it will be Thabs charming you with her Top Billing style charisma and natural flair for being in front of a camera? It could be Emi or Neo or our latest recruit Cristiana using their passion for life and their charming yet powerful natures to disarm you while you ‘spill the beans’ on your latest project. Maybe Rikus convincing you to join him in an on-camera duet of your favourite Abba song! Whoever you talk to and whatever the topic, we promise to bring a unique, well edited, interesting, brief conversation that doesn’t leave checking out your Insta feed while we drone on in the background!

Our audience? Well we have a pretty awesome loyal following to our CN&CO blog where these interviews will be launched, but we are happy that they are shared anywhere and everywhere. So we invite our friends at Cover Magazine, FA News or the FIA to share our videos via your brilliant channels too, or anyone to share the blog via your own company blog site.

Please let us know if you have some content that you think people would like to see, if you have some news you would like to share, if you have a project you feel worth chatting about or if you just really feel like a few minutes on our CN&CO couch chatting to one of us over a glass of wine or a cup of tea? Josie@cnandco.com or 0834509663.

In the first video of our series we wanted to understand how some of our Insuretech startups are doing after 365 days of business. We called on our friends at Pineapple, Investsure & Naked and we also chatted to our the very clever folk over at Brolink who provide a lot of the systems and underwriting frameworks for some of South Africa’s successful Insuretech’s.

You can catch our conversation with Pineapple here.

Some quick facts about Pineapple.

Number of members: 12000

Average age of policyholder: 28

Average age of management: 29

Number of awards won: Most prominently;

  • The best global insurtech (The digital insurer – Singapore)
  • MTN consumer app of the year
  • A Google Launchpad accelerator company
  • Startup founder of the year

Number of staff employed: 10

It is a competitive market out there so Pineapple are keeping their cards close when it comes to number of policies written and claims paid to date… perhaps in their next interview Emi or Cristiana will get the inside scoop on those two facts!

We want to say a massive thank you to the four Insuretech guru’s who gave up their time to be our pilots on this first test attempt at On The Couch. We look forward to hosting you all again on our couch in the near future to share your future learnings and successes.

Look out for On The Couch with Mbulelo Mpofana from InvestSure next.