Three-and-a-half years down the line, and the lifestyle business that is CN&CO is in a good space.

The reason, to my mind, is simple: the people who are part of it – the team, the clients, the suppliers, the advisors, the board, the challengers, the influencers, the contributors – no matter how big or small. In other words, all of you! And for being a part of CN&CO… a very, very big thank you!

A lifestyle business is hard. Bloody hard. And when it is an entrepreneurial, small business founded during harsh economic times, it is even harder. Which also makes it hugely rewarding, deeply special and meaningful in so many ways.

Part of the toughness comes from always needing to be clear on outputs – as an individual and as an adaptable team – and then getting on with delivery. Sometimes the delivery is 9-5. Sometimes it is 24/7. Sometimes it is in a logical framework. At other times it is lateral, sporadic and even manic. Sometimes delivery happens in our office. Come visit if you haven’t – and use our hot desks, family kitchen-style table, our Colab boardroom, our writing den, our comfy couch with massive reading lamp, our bar area, and many areas beside. Sometimes delivery is at a client, on a plane, train, automobile, in the bush having a G&T, or in France or Thailand. Sometimes it’s even at home. In short, anywhere and everywhere. A lifestyle business means that life=work=life and that outdated structures that hamper delivery are discarded.

I am proud of this because we take what we do very seriously, but not ourselves. We live and breathe the brands we work with. We fight, argue, debate, laugh, make magic and help to grow businesses that provide a livelihood for many. We make a difference and we have (a lot) of fun doing so. We celebrate failure and learn from our mistakes. We know what we are good at and what we aren’t. We stick to our values and we are open to saying we are wrong. Our life and the style in which we live it is our business.

Enjoy reading this newsletter. Every time we send one out I am astounded (and delighted!) at all the things I didn’t know about. You see, another part of a lifestyle business is that you fill it with people who are way smarter (and nicer!) than you. You then merely support, influence, challenge and guide them as they change the world for the better. We’d love to hear what you think about (our) lifestyle business. Connect on Twitter via @cnandco, join us at our next ConFab or give anyone in the team a shout. But mainly, I wish you the very best as you make the most of your life!