Introducing the first of the #MovingGround series – the trail run.

Not everyone is a natural runner. At CN&CO we have a mix of athletes within the team, however, when the hype around Moving Ground Trail run picked up, we were ready (some of us more fit and prepared than others).

The weather played its part and it was a beautiful morning to get things going. Registration was a great vibe with music pumping, delicious coffee being served and energy levels rising. Everyone gathered at the start line (made up by two oversized pineapples). The 10 second countdown was voiced by MC for the morning, Carel Nolte and loudly supported by individuals in the crowd. … 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 – AND OFF WE WENT! Walking or running, the 5km and 10km participants began the journey.

In the first two kilometres we were gently toasted by the warm 8:00 sun, along a breezy, sandy road surrounded by beautifully tinted yellow grass. For those of us who were already out of breath, the signs hanging on trees definitely motivated us: “A tough run doesn’t last, tough runners do”. Through a tunnel of trees; we were grateful for some cooling shade, while experiencing the fresh feeling of being surrounded by the beautiful and wild nature of The Ground farm. The third kilometre finished with a downhill… with cows mooing on the neighbouring farm. Next appeared an entrance into a mini wattle forest with flowing water to soothe the heavy breathers and, perhaps, a trick to remind us about how thirsty we are starting to feel…

moving ground trail run

Entering into the fourth kilometre was a sign saying: “Run? I thought you said RUM”! Hmmm a drink right about now would be heavenly! As the trail lead into the forest, we were once again welcomed and embraced by the many branches of the leaf-covered trees.

Little did we know what was around the corner…

Much to our surprise, appeared a bar! Yes, a secret BAR! With beers, ciders, juices and waters – our needs were satisfied. We loved that the Ground team take what they do seriously and not themselves! This was an opportunity to quench our thirsts, get our breaths back and have a chat with friends, family and fellow participants before tackling the last kilometre (of the five kilometre race) and marking half way for those 10 kilometre runners! The next km was alongside stud stables with the horses feeding on the nutritious grass. Up and around the corner, the end was in sight.

Moving Ground Bar

A little boost of energy miraculously appeared – perhaps, arising from the need to show off in front of the waiting crowd at the end… pshhht this run is easy! The two giant pineapples were appreciated even more than before. The beauty of Ground is magically distracting; forgetting about how far we had run and how many kilometres we had to go, put us as at ease.

One could easily identify the five kilometre runners as they were either flat on the ground, stretching or downing ice-cold Powerade. On went the 10 kilometre runners looking strong! Lucky for them, they were able to experience the surroundings again and, perhaps, notice little things they had not noticed during the first five kilometres. First to finish the 10 kilometre run was CN&CO’s friend, Joshua Nuttall! Still smiling at the end (perhaps, because of the second round of drinks at the bar)!

MAD2RUN at moving. ground run

Egg and bacon, and gourmet boerewors rolls were very much appreciated and filled our stomachs after a beautiful run. We all joined together under the trees, sitting at tables, chatting and jiving to the music of DJ Prince.

The Ground venue awaits you with open arms for weddings, concerts, private events, corporate functions, garden picnics, trail runs and more!

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