In a day and age where we are always looking for the next big thing, a manned mission to Mars, investigating black holes and taking advantage of commercial space exploration. Isn’t it a wonder that we forget that we have not yet explored the entirety of our own planet.

Water makes up 70% of our planet of which we have not yet explored 90% of that. To make the sums a little easier to follow, we have not explored 60% of our planet.

Not Victor Vescovo, he is one of three men to have been to the bottom of the ocean.

He is making new discoveries, such as the new bottom-dwelling jellyfish called a stalked ascidian.

As well as identifying the deepest part of the Indian Ocean is in the bottom of the Java trench

Check out more on the Victors plans for his “most advanced and deepest diving submersible”

I challenge you to not explore the deepest parts of the ocean (but never stop dreaming you can) but to rather explore your town, city, own country more.