Wangthai together with Musgrave Gin hosted a delightful evening of flavor, fun and people. Guests were welcomed with a zesty Musgrave Winter Citrus Martini and enjoyed a number of asian dishes including Wangthai’s sensational infamous Prawn Toast.

What better way to indulge in the Gin and Asian Cuisine tasting experience then by having the change to create two of the events stand out dishes from this unique evening.

Here are two of the recipes for you to try at home. Let your friends and family enjoy in the asian experience with you and enjoy the delicious flavor combination of sweet and spicy.

Musgrave Gin

The Winter Citrus Martini Recipe

All the flavours of winter citrus and the spice of Musgrave 11 with a kick of ginger and lemongrass

Special preparation: Ginger and lemongrass syrup

Add 1 x cup of sugar + 1 x cup of water to a pot on the stove /

Bring to the boil with 6 x ginger slices and 1 x lemongrass stick chopped up /

Simmer for 10 minutes and allow to cool and bottle

Glass: Martini glass


50 ml – Musgrave 11

50 ml – Fresh grapefruit juice

15 ml – Fresh lemon juice

25 ml – Ginger and lemongrass syrup

Garnish: Dried grapefruit wheel


Add all ingredients to a shaker with lots of ice

Shake hard for 10 seconds and double strain into a chilled glass

Wangthai’s Prawn Toast Recipe


Minced prawn meat (160g)

Finely grated carrot (20g)

Finely diced water chestnuts (20g)

Sliced white bread (2 slices)

Bread crumbs (10g)

Egg – Whisked (1 egg)

Sesame seeds (10 g)


Take the bread and squash to compress it – until about 2 mm thick per slice

Cut into discs, about 5 cm diameter each

Mix the prawn meat, water chestnuts & grated carrot

Top the bread discs with the prawn topping (about 1.5cm high)

Dip the bread and topping in the egg, making sure it is all coated

Dip in breadcrumbs and sesame seed mix

Deep fry until golden brown to ensure it is cooked all the way through

Serve with a sweet dipping sauce to compliment

Share your creations with Musgrave and Wangthai on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook by utilizing the hashtag #HowDoICook.

Let the cook-off begin! Happy cooking 🙂