The second installation of ConFab 2018 took place on 14 May 2018 CN&CO headquarters in Illovo. ConFabs are networking events that bring together like-minded and diverse groups of people for a thought-provoking dialogue. Building relationships among individuals is at the core of our ConFabs; the gatherings give attendees opportunities to engage with a diversity of people who would normally not be within the same circle.

ConFab speakers are chosen by Carel Nolte, who has a vast network to choose from. The speaker for this ConFab was the fabulous Michelle Constant. With an extensive and impressive resume, Michelle serves on the South African Tourism board, hosts a lifestyle show on SAFM and is the current CEO of Business and Arts South Africa (BASA). BASA is a collaboration between the Department of Arts & Culture and the corporate sector that helps to establish and support mutually beneficial relationships between business and the arts.

The relaxed structure of ConFab means speakers are at liberty to talk about any topic – there is no rigid programme. On 14 May, guests were treated to a talk about curiosity as it relates to cultural intelligence and travel. Having travelled quite a bit, Michelle shared some of her stories and enlightened guests on the importance of growing as an individual.

“Network! If you feel like you’ve succeeded, then it is time to move on,” she said. Staying curious lets you experience life from a different perspective and enhances cultural intelligence. “It is impossible to be prejudiced if you travel,” commented Carel.

On why art is important, Michelle says it is a form of self-expression and it allows you the opportunity to play. Being in the arts also redefines the concept of “work”, within a 9 to 5 context. Michelle also emphasised that travel does not necessarily mean physically going to a destination. Reading can also be a form of travelling, she said. On this note, we asked some of the guests to share a few of their favourite reads.

These are listed below:

Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance

When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Always Another Country by Sisonke Msimang

Another great event! It was such a hit that a number of guests have already said they can’t wait for the next one.

Listen to the full ConFab on CN&CO Soundcloud.