Take yourself out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and have fun while you are doing it!

These are just the few of the things that this journey has in store for us. Sure, we all entered MAD2Run for a different reason… but wow, meeting the team for the first time gave me goosebumps.

The energy in the room was tangible, excitement was visible and we all realised how special it is to have been selected for this journey! Even those on Skype/FaceTime (who are based outside of Joburg), were so excited that they drained the batteries of the iPhones they were connecting with.

We were officially welcomed to the team (power point presentation, a power motivation video, boarding passes and shirt fitting). After the formalities we headed upstairs to Copper Bar to have a couple of drinks with our fellow MADsters. In true style, my team mates Allan and Kurt were part of the #lastmanstanding crew at the end of the evening with fellow MADster, Kylene Weyers

I mentioned goosebumps—the MAD Leadership Foundation and the work they do for young South Africans—is a serious generator of this! We watched a video together, detailing the journey of one of the scholars on the program. It’s easy to understand how the work of the foundation forms a big part of the “why” behind the MAD2Run.

We are a diverse bunch of people, from doctors to lawyers, accountants and students!

This blog has taken a while to get published—I was busy racing my bike through the Baviaans Valley in the Eastern Cape.

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