We’re all about people, and family is at the core of our DNA and hearts. We got to know more about some of the people that our team spends their time with (away from the work) and that helps make them the incredible people they are …

Dagan Rego / Gabbi’s husband

DaganIf you ask Gabbi she’ll tell you that her hubby, Dagan, is her better half. She’ll also tell you that while he dresses like a hipster over weekends, he is not a hipster. (Those are Dagan’s words, by the way.) He’s passionate about music, law, skateboarding, animals, watches, gadgets and travelling. By day, Dagan is an attorney at Biccari Bollo Mariano Incorporated (“BBM”) and by night he rocks incredibly short shorts (preferably lumo in colour) at midnight charity spinathon sessions. (Okay, that was just one time at the IIG event, but he’d do it again.) Dagan and Gabbi started dating in matric (high school sweethearts) and on 1 May 2016 celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Gabbi started the #MyFavouriteHubby hashtag on Instagram, which follows her escapades with Dagan, which may or may not include pics of him in incredibly short shorts.

Dominique Caldora / The Italian’s (Gianluca’s) Italiana

With a passion for fashion, travelling, good cuisine, her Italian family, friends, and always being up for a good party, it’s no wonder Gianluca had a crush on Dominique (Doms) the instant they first met (almost five years ago) … 10560519_1019170978145519_5478867205817845616_o

Doms’ spends a lot of time vested in the fashion industry where she is key account manager for the House of Busby (having studied at Lisof). She oversees the buying for accessories, handbags and jewellery, which are supplied in a number of well-known chain stores around South Africa. The beauty of her job means she gets to explore different cultures and cities overseas. On regular occasions during the year she spends time buying and meeting suppliers/contacts in Shanghai, Hong Kong and London.

Her true calling in life  is being a collector of fine shoes (with her shoe cupboard growing by the weeks). According to Gianluca, she is also a magician in the kitchen, where she enjoys trying out different recipes, her signature dish being a Pavlova (Gianluca’s favourite).

When she is not shopping (or travelling), she is keeping Gianluca on his toes and smiling, sharing in their passions which are constantly focused on their friends, family, her precious cat (Tequila), and taking the opportunity to see the world and new places.

Meghan Dodds / Rob’s better looking half

Rob says he is lucky enough to have the support of Megs in whatever he does (including strapping his Achilles on MAD2Run!) Besides being charming, beautiful, funny and radiating a genuine desire to help people, Megs is finishing off her studies in Physiotherapy at Tuks. Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.56.23 AMThere is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes in being a physio than people think and Rob says he has a great appreciation for the hard work and effort that goes into the profession!

An ex hockey player and sprinter (100m challenge anyone?), Megs is currently working in the ICU ward at Steve Biko hospital, helping people regain the ability to use their bodies. Apart from that she is an excellent baker and Rob attributes his lack of dieting to her abundance of brownie baking. A love for the outdoors, a baker extraordinaire, pursuing her passion and making a difference in peoples’ lives, what more could you ask for in a partner!?

Gina Trotter / Kurt’s girlfriend

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 10.56.14 AMSlightly obsessed with cats. Actually… majorly obsessed with cats! Gina Trotter, is the significant other and better half to Kurt Solomon.

Gina and Kurt have been dating for two-and-a-half years (not sure how she has put up with him for so long though). Gina also loves the finer things in life, like great food, wine and travel, oh and is a professional online shopper!

Gina worked in the veterinary industry for more than eight years and is currently working as marketing and events co-ordinator at Cube Route (Pty) Ltd – importer and distributor of Iams and Eukanuba dog and cat food and owner of www.epetstore.co.za. She loves to learn new things about business and is currently learning the ropes on successful media management and advertising.

We know Kurt is all over the place and never sits still. Gina we salute you for keeping up with him!

Simon and Grace Dougall / Josie’s husband and baby girl

Simon Crawford Dougall was born and raised in Durban, and comes from a big, loud and very loving family. He watched his dad work hard and succeed in the insurance industry from a young age and went on to study insurance at UCT and get his Honours in Insurance at Wits. He now works alongside his dad, Andy, in the family business. 

Si is passionate about exercise and has pushed himself hard to do well in Triathalon and Iron Man over the years. He laughs easily, loves a Castle Light. His favourite place on earth is Leisure Isle in Knysna where he spent his childhood holidays growing up. 

Simon is a kind and moral man. His family means absolutely everything to him and is what drives his desire to succeed. IMG_5188

In his next life he wants to come back as Harvey Specter.

Grace Emma Dougall was born last month and has stolen her mother’s entire heart! She is an incredibly advanced child and by far the best looking ever to “Grace” our planet! She is the spitting image of her gorgeous Dad! 

Grace comes from a long line of very strong women on both sides. Her Granny Tessa on her dad’s side and her Granny Memmy on her mum’s are side both formidable and fiercely passionate mothers and women – one of whom is dubbed by her children as “the cult leader!” 

Grace is a gentle soul who loves long afternoon naps in bed with her mum. And milk. She is pretty crazy for milk, too.