Working with Makeup Revolution has reminded me just how diverse, adaptable and fun CN&CO is. Working with partners that have similar values is one of the many highlights of the work that we do. I have only just started working with Makeup Revolution and on the very first day I was blown away by the awesome team in the office.

In the words of Makeup Revolution’s Louise Lewis, “Makeup Revolution is a brand that is against elitism and exclusivity.  We are real to the everyone and anyone who wants to wear makeup.  We take into consideration your needs, your wants and we believe in your voice”.

After spending the last two weeks brainstorming themes, designing looks and picking products, we were ready to perform some makeup magic! This past weekend, our plans turned into actions. With a table covered in makeup, croissants and camera equipment, we were ready to create looks and photograph the models.

This weekend’s makeup theme was sun, ski and November.

Everyone knows that November month is MOvember. If any of us had forgotten, Rikus Kok’s mustache was a quick reminder! Men facing prostate and testicular cancer face an uphill battle before, during and after treatment. CN&CO and Makeup Revolution are here to support anyone and everyone, and so, the Movember look was created.

There is no doubt that Rikus rocked his orange and gold glitter eye, winged eyeliner and some added diamante-bling. However, what really made this look POP was his golden, glitter-covered moustache!

(nevermind the fact that he needed to go to a FIA meeting straight after)!

Not one but two members of our CN&CO team participated. Our next model was our digital nerd Neo Matsei. She was ready to dominate the slopes of France with Makeup Revolution’s winter look. In addition to the makeup, we really could not resist wrapping a little tinsel that fit perfectly around her bun; what a laugh!

One thing I have come to notice about the CN&CO team is their ability to take what they do seriously and not themselves.

This has been an eye-opener for me. The popular saying of “Work hard, play hard” comes to mind, and it is fitting when it comes to CN&CO. We are a team of dedicated, hard-working and talented individuals who are not afraid to laugh at ourselves, laugh with each other and have fun.

CN&CO have the ability to find and attract a variety of connections in the most unlikely of places! The team can do anything and are willing to always go the extra mile for our partners.

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