On Saturday, 27 April the Makeup Revolution brand ambassador Tayla along with her assistants Bianca and Genevieve took part in an initiative at Parktown High school for girls teaming up to do four very special girls’ makeup for their matric dance.

None of the ladies have ever had makeup on their faces before. The girls were absolutely thrilled that they had the opportunity to be made up for their very special evening and a highlight of most young girls’ matric year.

Tayla reflected on her experiences: “We had the pleasure of being a part of an initiative, to make up 4 stunning Parktown Matric Girls, for their Matric Dance. None of the ladies had ever experimented with makeup and did not know what the outcome would be. They had the highest level of respect and made our jobs so enjoyable.

The teachers went out of their way to set up a High Tea for the ladies, filled with an abundance of snacks, cool drinks and champagne.  To say thank you to the teachers, we did their makeup, which in all fairness, wasn’t enough. All of these ladies have the biggest hearts and the appreciated the effort we put in.We are extremely thankful that we were able to be a part of this and to make all these special ladies feel their absolute best.

Makeup Revolution is for everyone and we want our community to know that. Keep your eyes peeled for the future, we are only just beginning.” – Tayla

Initiatives like this certainly make us very proud to work with such a special brand that has not only taken South Africa by storm but gives back to the community with small gestures that make a very big impact on some very special lives. Thank you Makeup Revolution team!